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A highly skilled and proficient infrastructure, network and system specialist who has significant experience gained within multiple sectors such as healthcare, IT services and telecommunications within the US and Italy. An excellent track record of analysis, design, planning and implementation of infrastructure projects, accompanied by strong CCNP, Juniper and GNU/Linux abilities. Degree qualified, with well-developed interpersonal skills to accompany a plethora of IT abilities, able to liaise confidently with internal and external customers alike. Now seeking a new challenge within a forward thinking organisation to demonstrate infrastructure management, network security and system administration skills in order to add value to the business.

Language Skills
Italian mother tongue
English business fluency

Key Knowledge, Skills and Expertise
Proven ability to design, implement and successfully deliver infrastructure projects to businesses throughout the US and Italy.
Analytical thinker combined with proven project management skills, familiar with the use of ITIL methodologies.
Expert at analysing networks, discerning their weak points and implementing solutions to improve their security and reliability.
Able to provide effective support to networks, servers, storage, virtualisation, remote access and back-up systems.
Dedicated to furthering technical skills and knowledge, ITIL in 2014 and CCNP in 2015, and utilising these skills to benefit organisations.

IT Network and Systems Skills and Knowledge
Operating Systems:  GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS), Unix, Windows, Windows Server, DOS, HP-UX, MacOSX, Solaris
Network and communication protocols:  TCP/IP, Proxy servers,  LAN, MAN, WAN, Wireless, POP, SMTP, SSH, FTP, DMVPN
Routing and switching protocols:  OSPF, EIGRP, RIP (v1 e v2), Frame Relay, PPP, VLANs, ACL, VTP, STP, MPLS
Network security:  ISA Server, Endian, Smoothwall, Zeroshell, Cisco ASA, Checkpoint
Virtualization Software:  Vmware, VirtualBox, KVM
Scripting languages:  Shell bash, SED, AWK

Career Highlights
Resolved a major incident with the UN datacentre, carefully analysing potential faults and instigating all necessary remedies to restore services, which resulted in a commendation from the Chief of the datacentre.
Created and implemented a bash script at Flightradar24 to autonomously check over 3,000 receivers worldwide to verify their efficacy, and wrote an ITIL standard manual to enable hosts to resolve issues if necessary.
Analysed, designed and implemented an improvement plan at PhysicanXpress.com to identify all network security issues and put in place measures to protect the company and its customers from security threats.
Devised and implemented a plan at PhysicianXpress.com which resulted in the removal of the physical servers and the installation of a KVM in one server, virtualising the rest of the servers to improve network efficiency and save money.
Developed own client base and provided effective technical support to a variety of SME companies in Italy, focussing on GNU/Linux systems, building on-going working relationships with clients and establishing opportunities for repeat business.
With acute detail, planned, developed, performed and evaluated system testing for two of the largest telecommunication companies in Italy, Telecom Italia S.p.a. and TIM Italia, to ensure all software was suitable for release to the consumer.
Ensured business continuity for both PhysicianXpress.com and DA Enterprise through applying technical skills to ensure the network was maintained to an exemplary standard and that all server issues were identified, rectified and that back-up systems were in place and functional.

Professional Experience

United Nations, Brindisi, Italy
June 2014 – Present
Network Engineer
Configuring an array of network devices which include Cisco routers and switches and Citrix netscalers; defining firewall rules and access, configuring VPN access controls and administering access control servers utilising Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus (TACACS+).
Applying extensive technical expertise and continuous improvement methodologies to improve service provision and achieve optimum operational performance.
Undertaking the configuration of Network management tools including CiscoWorks and managing network analysis tools including Cisco NAM, HP Network Node Management NNM, cacti, and MRTG.
Undertaking reviews of the network, consolidating infrastructure and implementing improvements as necessary depending on a stringent analysis of mission requirements and resources.
Managing the datacentre failover and firewall migration between two remote sites in Europe whilst also consolidating VPN access.
Consolidating WAN connectivity in EDGE-Missions, routing (EIGRP and BGP) and optimizing DMVPN routing path selection and failover whilst also optimizing standard design for leased-line connectivity (Layer2, Layer3, ISDN, MPLS).
Utilising well-developed interpersonal skills to liaise with various UN representatives around the globe to provide effective network support through diverse communication channels.
Working alongside a group of group of technical experts to administer the extensive UN network, managing satellite and leased-line connections and overseas network routers.

Flightradar24 AB, Stockholm, Sweden
December 2013 – Present
2nd and 3rd level GNU/Linux Support
Providing essential system support to the business, liaising closely with key stakeholders to ensuring the infrastructure is operating at the optimum level.
Creating, implementing and performing bash scripts to verify the performance of over 3,000 around the globe, liaising with hosts as necessary to help remedy any issues discovered.
Monitoring and analysing the network and infrastructure closely to identify potential issues with an array of equipment including ADS-B Antenna receivers, GPS antenna and the operating system, designing and implementing solutions to rectify the issues as necessary.
Utilising vast technical knowledge to write technical manuals for the business, applying best practice as per ITIL guidelines to maximise business efficiency and effectiveness.
Advising the team of developers regarding improvements which they can make to the backend part of the system to improve business performance and customer satisfaction.
Applying knowledge and experience gained from possessing a commercial and I.F.R. helicopter pilot’s licence to understand the business in greater detail and issues which it encounters.
Delivering exemplary technical customer support to both the business and the users of Flightradar24, using well-developed interpersonal skills to discern the nature of the issue and develop an effective solution.

PhysicianXpress.com, Pennsylvania, USA
September 2012 – Present
Network Engineer and System Administrator
Operating as the sole specialist, providing essential technical expertise and support to the business to ensure a secure network and system is maintained efficiently at all times.
Defining and enforcing access policies which provide the optimum level of security to the network through installing Cisco firewalls and creating access rules within the firewall to protect key client data and minimise any damage should a non-permitted person access the system.
Verifying and monitoring the effectiveness of security policies through installing, configuring and using specialist software such as Nagios to monitor the network, performing security vulnerability scans, reviewing application and operating system access controls and putting in place automated systems which report changes to files and settings.
Responsible for managing all servers within the business, ensuring business continuity through creating a plan in case of a server outage issue and enacting the plan if such an incident occurs.
Analysing the performance of all servers, maintaining them in line with manufacturer specifications and undertaking repairs personally where practicable, escalating the issue to a third party if appropriate.
Providing essential, professional and timely support to the resolution of IT problems affecting the security of the network including routers, switches, firewalls, VPN and proxy servers.

January 2006 – Present
Freelance GNU/Linux System Administrator
Providing essential system support to a multitude of SME clients from a variety of industries, liaising closely with them to develop an effective working relationship and establish successful partnerships which provide for ongoing business.
Analysing and developing solutions to infrastructure problems, either remotely or directly at a client’s premises, undertaking the work to remedy the situation and communicating the solution to the client in a manner which is clearly understood.
Responsible for providing a wide range of services to clients in relation to their servers and networks including designing wired and wireless LANs, configuration and management of the LAN and undertaking LAN hardening activities to improve security for clients.
Utilising creative and technical skills to undertake web architect duties for clients, ensuring content is easily accessible for client’s customers through designing effective websites and conducting SEO activities.

ITS S.r.l., Matera and Rome, Italy
January 2008 – August 2011
Software Test Engineer
Operated as a consultant for two of Italy’s largest telecommunication companies, Telecom Italia S.p.a. and TIM Italia, enhancing the company’s profile with these clients and physically demonstrating the value of the service provided to client organisations.
Detected software failures through undertaking complex procedures to test the system against a specific set of variables; ensured a robust strategy was put in place to plan, develop, perform and evaluate system testing within stringent guidelines.
Utilised a detail-orientated approach to analyse the results of all testing activities, investigated potential causes and solutions and adapted the software though shell scripting as necessary in line with the analyses.
Made recommendations to the clients in line with testing results, advised for software to be returned back to the original developers where additional critical work was necessary.
Advised the clients of release acceptability and provided support to the client’s customers on all software-related issues.
Liaised closely with both the client and the client’s customers relating to software issues which occurred post-release of the software to understand their problems and develop an effective solution which met the needs of both the client and the customer.

D.A. Enterprise, Philadelphia, USA
October 2007 – January 2008
Specialist in Network IT
Provided essential support and maintenance to the IT infrastructure for a global business; learnt how to adapt to a fast-paced, changing environment and to multiple demands and objectives.
Undertook system administrator duties with primary responsibility for the maintenance and performance of GNU/Linux servers.
Investigated, analysed and provided solutions to infrastructure issues to ensure business continuity was maintained at all times.

Integrated Territorial Project Bradanica, Irsina, Italy
February 2007 – October 2007
Senior IT Consultant
Undertook website development for the project to increase awareness and publicity, and to communicate key information to interested parties, carefully designing the site to reflect the project and its aims.
Utilised investigative and inter-personal skills to liaise closely with all members of the project team in order to design and create a multi-media CD-ROM which explained aims and objectives of the project to the wider community.

Pomarico City Hall, Pomarico, Italy
January 2005 – January 2006
Senior IT Consultant
Provided first-line system administration and network support and maintenance to the IT infrastructure for the council.
Maintained the GNU/Linux servers, monitored the network and carried out all actions necessary in case of network or server outage.
Performed regular back-ups of the network, tested the effectiveness of the back-up to ensure business continuity was maintained in case of a serious IT issue.

Earlier Career

Undertook additional work for Pomarico City Hall within the field of Engineering, managed construction projects valued at up to €1million, liaised closely with contractors and other engineering professionals to ensure the task were completed on time and within budget.

Professional Qualification and Education

Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching CISCO ID: CSCO12233503 2015
ITIL V3 Foundation ID: 4917813 2013
Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate JN0-101JUNIPER ID: JPR212428 2013
Cisco Certified Network Associate Security CCNA Sec. 640-554 CISCO ID: CSCO12233503 2013
Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching CCNA 640-802 CISCO ID: CSCO12233503 2013
BSc Mechanical Engineering Gugliermo Marconi University, Rome 2008

Organisational activities
Basilicata Linux Users Group BASLUG
A founder and actual President of BASLUG (www.baslug.org) As a project leader, I have organised and facilitated the annual National Linux Day From 2005 to 2013 (a seminar about GNU/Linux and free software)

Creator and administrator of Lugworld.org
Lugworld.org is an RSS aggregator for GNU/Linux Users Groups and Open Source groups.

Other professional skills
Commercial and I.F.R. Helicopter pilot licence:
- PPH Private Pilot Helicopter
- CPH Commercial Pilot Helicopter
- INST-H Instrument Pilot Helicopter
- Pilot in command hours: 250, 1174 take-offs and landings
- Helicopters: Agusta A-109, Bell B-407, AS-350, Robinson R-22
- English dispatcher communication skills

- Safety coordinator during construction planning and execution
D.Lgs. 81/2008 and ss.mm.ii.

- Lifeguard license valid for rescue at sea and in swimming-pools

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